The sweetest rewards

People don’t just come to King from all corners of the earth to work. They come here to share ideas, learn, develop and play. We try to make that experience as tasty as possible. Scroll down to find out how.


Little boosters. And big ones too.

If you're serious about attracting the best people, you have to offer scrumptious employee benefits, freebies and perks. Yes we are and yes, yes we do. There are little things like fresh fruit, big things like a healthy work/life balance and other things like profit sharing.


We’re growing. So should you.

We’ve made learning and development part of everyday life here. As well as having established professional development programmes, we offer a huge range of employee training opportunities via breakfast seminars (that’s a free breakfast, folks), language courses, art classes and more. Not to mention that we believe the best learning happens in your daily work, working on projects with colleagues. Experiences we hope will help you in your life-long careers.

The aim is for you to tell us what you want to learn and what you want it to help you become. Whether it’s the world’s best coder, an inspiring business leader or simply someone who can speak Spanish muy, muy bien. Just tell us what your goal is and we’ll give you the continuous professional development to make it happen.


Relocating?We’d like to help.

People come from all over the world to work with us, and we want every single one of them to feel at home. While we can’t promise to have our recruiters lugging your sofa up the stairs, we can promise to help you out as much as we can with our relocation package. This may include covering your journey out here, the cost of shipping your gadgets or helping you with estate agents. We’ll tell you more during the recruitment process.

On top of that, our relocation guides are full of useful info; such as helping you understand your tax form in Swedish or telling you where to find the tastiest Currywurst in Berlin.


Where to go, what to do and how to do it.
Have a look at our relocation guides.