Little boosters. And big ones too.

When you want to capture the imagination of the best, you've got to offer them the biggest challenges, the most inspiring rewards and great company benefits too.

An adventure in employee
benefits is about to begin.
Our Reward

Compete in our markets and industry to attract and recruit world-class talent. Offer genuine incentives to retain and reward dedicated people.


Base compensation and rewards on both the overall performance of our business and the individual performance of our people.


Encourage an open and constructive culture through our profit sharing plan.

Daily Rewards 01
Mental hydration

To stay sharp in the office, take some time out for yourself. Go for a stroll, gymercise, grab one of those vitamin drinks.

Feeding your creativity

You’ll find plenty of snacks, fresh fruit and drinks in our kitchens. Grab them to keep yourself going or when the procrastination fairy strikes.

Healthy body. Healthy mind.

Keeping fit is good. So if you want to head to the gym, go for a run or perform a whole load of star jumps, we won’t stand in your way. We might even join you.

Rewards 02
Flexible working

Naturally, sometimes and in some roles you’ll need to be in at certain times, but on the whole we’re pretty flexible when it comes to managing workload and time. It’s a mutual trust thing.

Team bonding

Ping Pong tournaments. Book clubs. Board game evenings. Movie lunches. If you can name it, you can probably make it happen at King.


Special Workplace Action Teams fighting for happiness and effective practices in the workplace. Their mission? To let the good times roll.

King Rewards

Every year, we all put down our keyboards and head out for an offsite gathering/convention/party. The result is usually a whole lot of productive fun.


Creativity feeds on outside stimulation, not staring at the same four walls day in, day out. That’s why we offer a generous holiday allowance. And we close over Christmas.

Insurance & pension plans

The package will depend on where you’re based, but from life, medical and accident insurance to pension plans, King has you covered.

Global opportunities

Our business is global, and so are our internal opportunities. We offer permanent job opportunities as well as some secondments at many of our locations.

Profit sharing plan

We know the success of our business is down to the hard work of our people. So you'll be part of the profit sharing plan, with pay-outs based on King's overall performance.

Give & Gain
community support

We want people outside the office to benefit from your time as much as we do. Hence you get one day a year to volunteer for a cause of your choice.


As our business grows, so should our people. We offer a range of personal development opportunities and training, from leadership skills to learning a new language.


Foster a compensation philosophy that delivers transparent, fair and simple compensation programmes.

Pretty cool, huh?

If that was all too much to take in at once, you can always have another read.