Security & Support

Become the experts’ expert

From performance tuning to troubleshooting and from security to infrastructure, they keep our creators creating, our players playing and our ideas, well, evolving.


Looking for a job as a Security Engineer or a Support Engineer? Good! We’ll call on you to keep us as impenetrable as the White House and just as smooth-running.

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Join our crack force of IT experts. Black jacket, sunglasses and earpiece optional.


Any special talents? Well, I can do many things that are fun and make me and my kids happy – but are absolutely useless. That’s pure talent.

Barcelona, IT Systems Admin

Some key roles

  • Network Manager
    The go-to expert for routers, switches, firewalls etc.
  • IT Support Engineer
    Without whom there would be no calls or funny cat videos
  • Linux Support Administrator
    The job title says it all
  • Security Engineer
    Sending the good stuff out, and keeping the bad stuff away

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