Making the games that wow the world

Our studios have overall responsibility on all aspects of our games; from design and development to distribution. Some people in the studio look at ways to improve user experience, others make sure the creative teams stay focused and hydrated. All of them work hard to make our products the best they can be.


If you’re a new game concept inventor, a Producer or a Designer bursting with creative ideas, we have a job for you.

Latest jobs

All our games start somewhere, with someone. Who’s to say it can’t start with you next time?


So far, my first week at King has been the highlight. Everything was so amazing and the welcoming was, in fact, very royal.

Barcelona, Graphic Designer

Some key roles

  • Game Designer
    Taking an idea from a sketch all the way to the real world
  • UI/UX Artist
    Creating user experiences that keep millions coming back for more
  • Producer
    Inspiring a team of Artists and Developers to bring their A game
  • Scrum Master
    Aiding our game teams to levels of top effectiveness
  • Business Performance Manager
    Takes a game and supercharges it – maximising revenues

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